Honing Service

We offer Honing service for Working/ New condition Straight Razors.  Only the Finest Honing Stones , Russian Leather strop along with our various pastes are used to dial in the Razor edge for that Buttery and Smooth Shave. Our 12 Steps Honing and Stropping Procedures  produces “Shave Ready” Straight Razors upon completion. We take our pride in our Honing Artisan Skill and you can be assured that every Straight Razors that are sent to us would be treated with utmost care and returned to you with a bevel-set , sharpened shave-ready edge.

**Please note that we would have to reject  straight razors if we find unfit to be serviced and required restoration process**

Please Contact us for more details on our Honing Service.

“Shave Ready” Honing Service :
550 Baht per Hollow/Half Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor
650 Baht  per Special Steel Straight Razor ( Silver, Inox, Stainless)
650 Baht per Wedged Straight Razo

Price included insured EMS Return shipping